30 Jul

Buying a top cheap surround sound system

Setting out on an internet journey to buy an item can quickly turn into a challenge with all the overwhelming options. We understand what it can be like to go back and forth looking for the cheapest surround sound set-ups that are actually worth having. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to buying a top budget home cinema system quickly and easily by becoming aware of certain criteria.

First up, you need to decide how many speakers you actually want. The standard sizes are 2.1 (non-surround sound) 5.1 and 7.1. You could also go for 5.0 for example, which would be 5 surround speakers without the extra subwoofer. We highly recommend you go for the 5.1 option above all others, due to the fact that you get a subwoofer for extra bass which adds a lot to the atmosphere of a movie, as well as 5 speakers that can surround your position to give extra immersion. Choosing the 5 speaker option above the 7 is the best option if you’re on a lower budget and want a top inexpensive surround sound system, see more on this here http://bestbudgetsurroundsound.com/.

With that out of the way, you will want to align your room size with how many watts the home theatre set-up provides. If you have a small room you can get away with as low as 60 watts RMS, but for an average sized room or above you’ll want to go with above 90 watts per speaker for optimal audio. Check out some reviews of the speakers that match this criteria here http://bestbudgetsurroundsound.com/home-cinema-systems-equipment/.

Wireless ones are generally much more expensive than wired ones so we recommend you stay away from them on a low budget. Wires won’t be a problem if you can find a way to hide them well and some people worry about their health when spending too much time around wireless activity, so there’s a bonus there too. Definitely go for a setup that includes a receiver in the package as this alone could set you back hundreds of dollars!

You can also save expenses here by ensuring the system you by comes with screw holes on the speakers. With these, you can hang them on your walls in whatever position you want without the need for stands, which can be pricey. We actually think this is the better option anyway as you save a lot of space in your room too.

By keeping all of this in mind, you’ll be able to grab a suitable speaker system for under $300 that will do the job well. You should still get a great audio experience and have added immersion to any film you watch, while keeping to your budget.