18 Aug

Best movies for your surround sound reviews

Surround sound is a phenomenal way to get more immersed in your movie watching. As long as the film format has the capability, it’s almost certainly going to be an improvement. Some movies stand out among others though when it comes to a top level listening experience, and we’ll review them here.

Fury – This WW2 movie sounds great with a decent system. The tank scenes are so cool, there’s a part where a tank shell deflects off the floor and makes a whizzing sound past the left of your head that actually made me duck in real life.

Wall-E – Aside from being an outstanding film (the best animated film ever created in my opinion) the audio was top level too. The amazing soundtrack stands out especially on home theatre systems.

John wick – The club scene was incredible on my speakers. I really felt an atmosphere and intensity that I rarely find in action films. A great movie to test on your set-up.

Be sure to grab a blu ray system to get the most out of your movie watching, it really is a massive upgrade!